FIFA Football for Hope Festival...

The biggest and greatest individual sporting event in the world will commence this Friday. Hosted by the flamboyant and exotic nation of Brazil, the 20th FIFA World Cup will showcase 32 countries competing for the ultimate prize of being crowned FIFA World Champions.

But have you heard of FIFA's Football for Hope Festival? This forms part of FIFA's social responsibility program, and takes place during the last two weeks of the World Cup in Brazil. The festival will bring together 32 teams of young leaders from grassroots organisations across the globe to celebrate their achievements, and demonstrate the power of the game for social change on and off the pitch. Football United is the amazing organisation that will represent Australia at its second straight festival.

Participants were chosen based on their great leadership potential and to the contributions they have made towards building a better future through football in their respective communities.

Each organisation tackles a range of social issues, from homelessness in the UK and landmines in Cambodia, to HIV/AIDS education in South Africa and responsible citizenship in Brazil. Football United aims "to build capacity of communities and improve the skills of people in diverse areas that includes high proportions of refugee, migrant and Indigenous Australian children, youth and families."

Football for Hope represents all that is good about this brilliant game. Learn more about this incredible initiative by visiting

We wish all the Football United representatives good luck during their time in Brazil. You can follow their journey at


Jose Bello 

Foundation Director.

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