This is a story of two remarkable parents who began a journey seven years ago. 

I met Dennis and Maria back in 2012 when I was fortunate to have their beautiful daughter Maya attend our Soccajoeys mainstream program at Castle Hill. Dennis and Maria have two children that were both diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Through the strength and love for their children, they have travelled far and long to research, discover and be educated on the best training methods to improve their children's development.

Autism Family First was established by Dennis and Maria to provide a range of services and programs to help families who have children that have been diagnosed with ASD. It is the first daycare centre of its kind in Australia, and their goal is to produce happy and well-adjusted children. 

Through their very personal journey, Dennis and Maria recognised the need to create Autism Family First as a way of not only helping their children, but also sharing their knowledge and experience with others. It is a selfless act of generosity and courage that I find extraordinary. 

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