Happy for Jarrod

We were very excited this weekend when Jarrod attended our mainstream program at Kellyville. Jarrod is small in stature but big in heart. He has two devoted parents and one gorgeous little sister. All were present on Saturday cheering him on and watching as he demonstrated great ability and focus to complete his first mainstream class. 

Jarrod started at Next Step in October 2013 and had successfully completed three terms. When you meet him, all you want to do is pick him up and squeeze him with hugs because he is so adorable, but as coaches, we had to contain ourselves and get on with the job of developing some of his physical debilities. We wanted to work mainly on gross motor elements, and every class we observed improvements in his balance, coordination, kicking and jumping. 

Once again, with the support of his mum and dad, we were able to plan Jarrod's transition to mainstream. We were all anxious about how he would react, but were confident that he would adapt to the change positively. There was an initial period where he was unsettled, but that is completely normal for many children experiencing a new class. After five minutes, he was thriving, and as they say, the rest is history.

We can’t wait to have him back on Saturday and be there to help him reach new stages is his development.

'The Soccajoeys next step program has been a fantastic opportunity for Jarrod, not only to develop some great skills but it’s also helped build his confidence to get in and be involved with the other kids. Without the Soccajoeys next step coaches the transition or ability to take part in a mainstream class for Jarrod would not have been a success. We are extremely thankful to the Soccajoeys Foundation and very proud of our little man!'

(Vanessa, Jarrod's mum)


Jose Bello

Foundation Director