Parents Testimonial - Katherine Holz

‘Next Step has given Eva more confidence in her ability through the coach’s enthusiasm and encouragement. She loves going every week and is always so excited to be part of the team. Programs like Next Step are extremely hard to find, so we feel very lucky to be a part of it. We love how it promotes inclusion and caters to all abilities.

The program has helped our family greatly as Eva has a sport to look forward to every week instead of her early intervention therapy every afternoon. Each week we are overjoyed to see her skill level improve as it’s something we were told would not be possible in her early years.

Also, I’ll add that Eva wanted to be like her brother and play soccer and would get frustrated going to his games and to not be able to join in and we couldn’t see it being the right fit for her current abilities, so Next Step bridges that gap and now she loves playing soccer with her brother all the time as it’s also given her greater understanding of the game. Seeing her run and jump and keep up with everyone is something we never thought we would see and there have been a few happy tears shed on the sideline watching her achieve these gross motor skills.

Thanks for creating such an awesome program, I’m always raving about it within the special needs community 😊’

Katherine Holz