You may ask, "why a soccer program?" The answer is quite simple, but entails a story.

Many of the individuals involved at the Soccajoeys Foundation are passionate ambassadors of the code and have competed at a high level. We enjoy being able to share our positive experiences from years of playing and pass on our knowledge of its developmental benefits.

Soccer is easy to learn. Most kids naturally run and kick a ball by the time they start walking, although not in the right direction, which takes time to teach.

It’s an excellent form of exercise that helps kids build strength and stamina, and develops important gross motor skills. Research tells us that children who play organised sports, such as soccer, at an early age are more likely to adopt healthy habits.

The physical benefits include increased cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, flexibility, coordination and balance, and weight control. Other benefits include the development of social traits such as discipline, teamwork, leadership, companionship, fairness, and self-esteem.

Soccer is a universal game, so no matter which country you visit, there will always be a round ball nearby and a group of young kids eager to enjoy a kick around. 

Foundation Director

Jose Bello