We believe community plays a fundamental role in the success of our programs. Building community partnerships and receiving community support creates and maintains a solid platform for our programs to grow.

Community engagement can come in many different forms and levels. Waverley Council has been commendable in facilitating their impressive sports stadium to run our Eastern Suburbs class at no cost. They have also made financial contributions that go towards the development of our programs.

The Soccajoeys Foundation recently became a member of the Health and Wellbeing Collaboration (HAWC) program at Macquarie University, which serves as a cooperative agreement between Macquarie's Faculty of Human Sciences and our Foundation. Over the past four months, second year Physiotherapy students from the university have been performing observation tasks in our classes. Their enthusiasm, motivation and level of engagement with the children have been remarkable.

We have also worked closely with staff from Lifestart Co-operative. Their support and professionalism over the past four years have been incredible.

We have surrounded ourselves with individuals, groups and organisations that share common values, and that is why we believe that building a strong community is essential for both short-term and long-term improvements in our programs. 


Jose Bello

Foundation Director


Were back!  Day 1 is always exciting. New faces, new friendships to be made, new skills to be learnt and lots of fun to be had. Today we started our class in Epping and welcomed 3 new children to our program.

For some, Day 1 can be a time to observe, to become familiar with a new environment and its people. It can be over stimulating and loud, whistles blowing, children screaming, coaches giving instructions, but that's what we love at Next Step. We love these beginnings because we know that the outcomes can be incredibly rewarding. 

Next Step is more than a program, it's a community of families, friends and dedicated teachers that work together for a common goal - to give our kids the best possible start to life. I look forward to sharing with you the progress of our children and also giving you an insight into new pathways that we are building.


Jose Bello

Foundation Director