Our Next Step Program will be celebrating it's 4th year of operations this Term. It's been a remarkable journey, and one that we feel is just beginning... although, during the last four years we have worked tirelessly to consolidate our program throughout the Sydney region, it's only in the last 7 months that our vision of a Foundation has come to life. For this reason we feel that it's the beginning of a new chapter, one that we hope will allow us to further expand our programs and continue to promote inclusive learning environments.

We would like to thank all the families and organisations that have supported us along the way, the gifted children that amaze us with their potential and capacity to progress and evolve, the coaches that make our program possible, and lastly, the individuals that have invested their time, energy and faith in making sure our vision of a Foundation became a reality.

We look into the future with excitement and enthusiasm. We hope you can join us on this new path and become supporters and advocates for our Foundations mission.


Jose Bello

Foundation Director