We recently connected with an extraordinary organisation that, like us, is a strong advocate for more inclusive learning environments to support the development of children with additional needs. I find the work of this organisation unique and inspirational.

Touched by Olivia is a foundation with a dream to give children “healthier and happier lives”, and invests its energy in two main areas.

With a commitment by the foundation reaching almost $1 million, a fellowship was established in 2009 to help save lives and cement Sydney Children’s Hospital as a centre of global expertise in the area of vascular birthmarks (the area of disease that Olivia died from).

The foundation also works with local councils, communities and corporations to upgrade and build inclusive play spaces, giving children, regardless of ability, the opportunity to play side by side. These playgrounds are called “Livvi’s Place”.

Visit to find out more about this wonderful organisation.


Jose Bello

Foundation Director