We love observing the enthusiasm and encouragement that our parents show their children. A parent’s role is fundamental in their child's development. We have been fortunate enough to have met many extraordinary parents who have also become mentors, because we believe everyone has valuable knowledge and skills to share.

At Next Step we have witnessed some amazing changes in childrens' social behaviour, physical ability and cognitive development. This progress can only be achieved with the unconditional support of the parent and the many other professionals that work closely with our children. Ultimately, we all contribute in some capacity to the development of the child, and when we are given the opportunity to play our role, we consider it a privilege, and do our absolute best to create an optimum learning environment.

So, to all the parents, thank you for trusting in our program and inspiring us to become better coaches and role models for your children. For the mums, we wish you a very Happy Mother's Day this Sunday.

Jose Bello

Foundation Director