We enjoy learning more about the families that take part in our program as we discuss goals that we can work towards during each term. Quite often the goal is simple and is achieved every time the child shows up for class. The opportunity to participate in a development program designed to improve a range of skills and increase social awareness is too good to pass up.

So, how do we measure progress? Well, it depends on what your expectations are. This week we observed a child kicking the ball for the very first time and it was the high point of my afternoon. We also witnessed children becoming more involved in "the big game". They were running and kicking with intention, and this was perhaps my highlight of the week.  

Next Step allows the child to progress at their own rhythm without any pressure, expectation or need to design a plan. The plan consists of participating and helping unlock the child’s true potential. We know how to recognise progress, and it’s often found in the simplest of forms.


Jose Bello

Foundation Director