Your generosity will enhance a child’s life.

By supporting the Soccajoeys Foundation you will be directly assisting disadvantaged children and children with additional needs. Through your tax-deductible donation, more children will have access to the Soccajoeys Next Step and Connect programs.

Become an advocate for inclusion learning and early childhood development, and help create a brighter future for children’s lives.

How you can help

Your donation will allow us to continue to provide the Next Step and Connect programs at no cost to participants.

Every time a child attends a Next Step or Connect class, they are developing important physical and emotional skills that will contribute to a brighter future for them. For more information on the benefits of our programs, see PROGRAMS.



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Your donation will allow children access to our eight-week programs which run during school terms.  Our inclusive sports development program improves gross motor planning, assists in social behavior and cognitive development and has the ultimate aim of introducing participants to mainstream activities.